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Bet365 Mobile Application Key Features

Bet365 Mobile App Review: It turns out that mobile phones have many uses beyond taking selfies of your lunch and posting them on Facebook. Join Bet365 Here – $250 BONUS BET

If you like to have a punt now and then, all the online bookmakers have mobile apps for iPhones and iPads and Android devices, including phones and tablets from any of the manufacturers, such as Samsung, HTC and LG. If you are one of the two or three Australians burdened with a Blackberry or a Windows device, do not lose heart, because every one of the online bookmakers has a mobile-optimised version of their website that will more than suffice.

According to Unibet, the Google Play store does not stock the mobile applications that facilitate betting with real money, and this reviewer was unable to find any apps from any bookmaker by searching the Play Store.

Fortunately, the websites of the bookmakers will supply a URL in some cases, and a scan-able QR code in others, so downloading the mobile app is so simple that even the old man writing this was able to install two mobile apps in about the time it takes a competent galloper to cover about 2400 metres worth of turf, and far less time than it takes to remove all suspense in a footy match betwixt Hawthorn and St. Kilda.

Ultimately, all of the mobile apps and mobile-optimised websites are capable of allowing a punter to get a wager on.

bet365 mobile appThe simplest route for a punter to take is to use the mobile app or apps from any online bookmaker with whom there is an existing wagering account. Most more or less, replicate the ease of use of the regular betting interfaces of the desk- and lap-top websites, the primary difference being adaptations to accommodate the smaller amount of screen real estate.

Choose the one that has the features that mean the most to you, but be prepared for the reality of today’s technology: things change quickly. Most mobile apps can be configured to send notifications of changes in odds, new promotions, and reminders of when some event is about to start. All online bookmakers supply their mobile apps free of charge, to do otherwise would be foolhardy in the extreme.

Bet365 Mobile App

Bet 365’s mobile app might tempt more than a few punters to use it exclusively and abandon their computers altogether. It is obvious that they put a lot of thought into the development of the app, along with constant tinkering to respond to punter feedback and further improve the mobile wagering experience. Join Bet365 Here – $250 Join Offer.

Key Features:

  • First bet match offer up to $100 for first mobile bet for both new and existing customers.
  • At the moment this is being written, Bet365 is the only online bookmaker with a promo of this nature, but that is likely to change by the time I get to the end of this sentence.
  • Ability to make deposits and withdrawals using any of Bet365 funding options.
  • If only the banks were as accommodating as the bookmakers.
  • Watch live streaming of sports and racing markets.
  • A great feature, although it may be premature to cut the cable or sell the big screen high-def just yet.
  • In-play service that takes advantage of the live streaming feature.
  • Tap and icon and immediately place a call to Bet365.
  • Access to the same bet types, such as Best and Tote for racing punters.
  • Bet365 offers almost 9,000 markets, but does seem to cater to racing punters.


One of the first things noticed when opening the Bet365 Mobile App for the first time is that even for someone who has never used a mobile app of any kind, is that it is not necessary to spend a lot of time learning how to navigate.

If you are interested in horse racing, just tap the horse racing icon that features a picture of a galloping horse, along with a text label clearly identifying that it is indeed horse racing. If you can see and read, you can almost instantly eliminate seeing anything not related to horse racing. Tapping on other icons produces the same result.

Another enjoyable feature is that the app closely resembles in appearance the layout and colour scheme of the website. There is a nice contrast of green and yellow, so the potential of performing an unwanted action is basically nil.

A header at the top of the app offers tabs for sports and In-Play markets, along with another that shows your account balance. A downward-pointing carat opens up a menu where different actions can be performed, and offers options for accomplishing some of the behind-the-scenes activities, such as making deposits, and viewing past wagering history.

Bet365’s mobile app will definitely tempt you to use it exclusively for online wagering, it is that well crafted and easy to use. In addition, whenever you have a few unoccupied moments, you can pull out your phone and create the impression that you are a true mover and shaker, which just might attract some welcome attention from the sheilas at the boozer.

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