BetEasy Mobile Betting App

BetEasy Mobile Betting App

BetEasy Mobile Wagering Platform Features

BetEasy: Predicting the future of anything is an unpredictable practice. In the 70’s, experts predicted an upcoming ice age for the turn of the millennium, based upon scientific climate evidence that was considered indisputable.

Now, as of 2015, it would appear that the experts got it wrong, so they have switched to predicting a warming trend of the earth’s climate, based on scientific evidence that seems to support that assertion. Join BetEasy

One possible conclusion to this seeming contradiction is that the time period involved in such predictions is well beyond the human lifespan, and possibly beyond the time span of recorded history.

BetEasy mobile app

Accurate predictions in the shorter term are no less problematic. All of us were trying to get a handle on what the personal computer meant when they first started enjoying widespread adoption in the last two decades of the 20th century when seemingly overnight, the World Wide Web shrank the earth by orders of magnitude and made it possible to communicate instantaneously over vast distances. Next, the computers began to shrink in size, whilst at the same time, gaining capabilities that a generation ago would have represented the output of an extremely creative science fiction writer.

On an even briefer time scale, few people, from the dedicated expert to the casual observer, would have predicted the Greater Western Sydney Giants to stage a round six upset against the defending premier Hawthorn Hawks, further proof that regardless of the time scale, no one is ever 100 percent certain what is going to happen next. At the latter stages of the 2015 premiership season, the Giants seem to have become more predictable, ditto for the Hawks. It would be tempting to predict, of the upcoming matches for the teams, that the Giants will be seriously overmatched against top rung Fremantle, and that the streaking Hawks might get some competition from a respectable Tigers side, but the bookmakers seem to be giving the Giants a slight edge in odds against the Dockers compared to those on the Tigers versus Hawthorn.

If you choose to ignore our advice regarding the uncertainty of any future, reach into your pocket and pull out that piece of technology that would have been the stuff of science fiction prior to 2007, and use a mobile wagering application to back one of the favourites, or have a plunge on a bigger potential dividend and back the Giants or the Tigers to come away with victories. Or, if you do not care for such a simple straight-forward proposition, a quick tap of the finger will let you examine a couple of hundred additional markets for both matches in less time than it took you to read this paragraph.

One such app that deserves your consideration would be the one we propose to examine at this time, that provided by the BetEasy agency. Join BetEasy

BetEasy Mobile Wagering Platform Features

For the moment, at least, one of the more advance mobile offerings.

We have only the vaguest idea of the costs associated with building an app such as that of BetEasy. It would seem that they sunk quite a bit of money into the development process, because everywhere we look, they seem to have taken the best features they could find, and then improved them further. The appearance and functions of the app is as advanced as any we have seen, and that is meant as high praise, because of all the mobile applications and mobile-friendly websites that any of online bookmakers have produced, there is not one single stinker amongst them. If you will forgive us, the app almost seems able to predict your next action.

Bet Types Certain To Satisfy Value Conscious Punters

It is hard enough to make a selection without the nagging doubt of having passed up a better value. BetEasy’s Best Tote Plus provides the reassurance that dividends will always be the better of Best Tote or Starting Price odds. Further, this type is available for all races, eliminating any possible anxiety and permitting focus to be concentrated where it should be: making selections.

Results And Form For Every Runner

A few minutes spent examining previous race outcomes compared to the potential field of an upcoming event might just assist you to sway a decision in the right direction. BetEasy offers an excellent form guide for this purpose, so whether you are trying to place a straight win or each way bet, assemble a bona fide exotic slip, or ponder the flexi betting choices, the layout of the BetEasy application makes it quick and simple.

Wide Range Of Sports

BetEasy is an excellent choice for punters interested in footy or rugby, with hundreds and hundreds of markets on every match. They also do an admirable job with niche sports, and international markets as well and seem to offer superior odds all around. They have earned designation as the official wagering partner of the AFL, so it is quite obvious that they do not neglect sports in favour of racing.

Our Observations

BetEasy has rather broken the mold when it comes to the layout and function of their mobile wagering platform. One feature that we found made good use of the reduced screen real estate of smartphones and tablets was a system that hides the menus unless opened deliberately by the user. They did not do this to induce confusion by any means, because we did not experience any as a result, but instead enjoyed the menus being hidden for allowing more screen space to be devoted to displaying markets, cutting down on the necessary amount of scrolling. Menus, when desired, are opened by pressing an icon and dragging downward.

BetEasy Mobile Betting App

We also enjoyed being able to refresh odds by simply flicking downward on the screen of a market. This feature was fast and reliable. BetEasy also put some thought into designing a screen that instantly reveals six upcoming races and six sporting events, so those who appreciate the shortest possible time betwixt putting a wager on and learning the outcome can wait until the last possible moment to add a selection to the bet slip.

BetEasy, realising that the look and feel of their app might be puzzling initially, has included a Help Coach that will clear up any questions immediately. The explanation for the dual function nature of some icons was succinct and clear. This dual function, for example, uses a single tap to bring up the very next event going off, but holding the tap a moment longer will open the detailed menu.

Most punters, even those who were reluctant to adopt the smartphones and tablets that make mobile wagering so convenient, will grow to admire the unique app developed by BetEasy. They will also learn to appreciate the ongoing development to which the app is subjected in the quest for making it better as time goes on.

So, if you feel the need to test your powers of prediction, this is one app that works on your behalf, even if you are wrong occasionally.

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