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Betfair Mobile App Full Review & Key Features

Betfair Mobile App Review: When a new piece of technology emerges, people who insist on having the latest often rush to join the queue in order to secure bragging rights. Join Betfair Here

In their case, what they are after is not necessarily “the latest and greatest,” because in many instances, the latest thing turns out to be a monumental flop in short order. Think along the lines of the Apple Watch or the Google Glass. People who fall into this category are referred to as “early adopters.”

iphones and androidIt used to take a while for a piece of technology to move from the early adopter to the mainstream phase.

It took close to twenty years for colour television to go from novelty to the point where over 50 percent of the households of the country had a colour television, but eventually, the technology of colour television became so omnipresent that it could prove almost impossible to locate and purchase a black and white telly.

The pace of technological change has accelerated in the 21st century, but there is still an early adopter stage followed by widespread acceptance in the case of technology that moves beyond the interesting diversion to the necessity category.

The most obvious example is the little rectangular device that is in the hands, pockets and purses of almost every person in the country. Children as young as eight years old have them. Older people who would not be caught dead using a computer have accepted them wholeheartedly. They and everyone in between have gotten to the point where life without them seems unimaginable.

We are talking, of course, about the smartphone. These miniature computers contain power greater on an order of magnitude than the computers that put men on the moon.

In our opinion, one of the best uses for these exceptionally competent miniature computers is for mobile wagering with an online bookmaker.

For their part, Betfair have spared no expense or effort into designing and deploying mobile apps that offer all the exceptional features of their desktop websites, with the convenience of being able to scan markets, place wagers and view results without being tethered to a desk or laptop computer.

At this time, we want to look at the features and functionality of the mobile punting applications offered by Betfair, the bet matching service that permits wagerers to act as both punter and bookie. Join Betfair Today

Key Features

Back a selection to win, Lay it to lose, or trade it to someone else.

Bonus Bets no longer available.

Of course, this pertains to all of Betfair’s wagering platforms, but we mention it here because the mobile app does a superb job of making this function available to mobile phone users, in a format that is easy and intuitive to use.

Ability To Make In-Running Wagers On Racing

Transmitting data over a smart phone for this purpose is considered the same as making a phone call.

Racing Offers Better Odds Than The TAB

Up-to-the-second information detailing the status of a market in an easy to assimilate graph format.
One of the better offerings for racing with regard to form, track conditions, and even tips.


mobile tabletPractically instantaneous navigation from page to page. Colours contrast nicely, unlike some mobile apps that seem to believe that varying shades of one colour suffice.

Moving through the menus is accomplished by swiping the screen.

The icon on the top left-hand side of the screen consisting of four horizontal lines, common to many smartphone applications, gives users the ability to quickly switch to different markets, such as sports or racing. Users can also choose to go directly to a page called My Bets, another for Cash Out, My Account, and so forth.

Selecting Sports will bring up a page with pictures and text labels, so there is not confusion betwixt, say tennis, football (soccer), or basketball.

Another page dedicated to in-play offerings not only shows what is currently going on, but also shows what is coming up, which can be navigated to show more upcoming markets by down swiping.

Betfair’s license is issued by the Tasmanian Gaming Commission, and as such, certain Betfair features and promotions are not functional for residents of VIC, NSW, SA, and WA, which is a bit of a hindrance in some ways.

The mobile app does come in versions for iDevices and Android phones and tablets. Accessing the downloads for either app will require only a first name, mobile number and a valid email address. The download and installation process takes less than two minutes.

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