Betrally Bookmaker Review


Betrally Bookmaker Has 1000's Of Betting Markets To Bet On

Betrally is a relative new bookmaking agency, another in a crowded field of good choices for the Australian punter. Join Betrally Here And Claim Your Bonus $150 Bet

They are an international operation with licensing authority from the government of Curacao, on an island 65 kilometres to the north of Venezuela, that interestingly enough uses the Netherlands Antillean guilder as it currency and is home to about 150,000 souls speaking English, Dutch and Papiamento.


This information is highly relevant to punters because not being licensed by any of the domestic Australian authorities means that live betting can be conducted online, other than requiring a phone call, as is necessary for the domestic bookmakers. Technically, international bookmakers are supposed to adhere to the Interactive Gambling Act that handcuffs the domestic operations, but the internationals are either unaware of this, or choose to disregard the prohibition.

The Interactive Gambling Act places no responsibility on the individual punter, so let your conscience be your guide. It would seem logical to hear a loud hue and cry from domestic agencies over the unfairness of the situation, but it could be that the internationals represent more of an existential threat, as opposed to a realistic economic threat.

It could also be a case of lack of government enforcement resources, so to all you Curacaos out there, rest easy tonight secure in the knowledge that no Australian military invasion is imminent. For anyone wondering if a membership with Betrally is worth consideration, here is the short answer: yes, if using your internet capable device to wager on in-play events without phoning it in is very important to you. Here is the longer answer, with some information about Betrally that may prove of value in making your decision.

Betrally Desktop Wagering Platform

Entering into a browser results in being taken to a page that closely resembles the tried-and-true three-column layout that is effectively used by so many bookmakers. Not surprisingly, the main feature of this page is devoted to live betting. At the time we checked, Betrally had 109 live offerings available.

The top of the page is devoted to the typical things, with tabs for Sports, Live Betting, Virtuals, Casino, Games, Live Casino and Mobile. Just below those are text links to Promotions and Banking, followed by a spot to select from six languages, odds format and current time, which is selectable for time zone.

Of course, there is a spot for logging in. Down the left is the sports navigation column, in the centre are the available events and the markets, and on the right is the betting slip, along with banners for promotions. The whole thing is surrounded on the sides by green margins resembling a grass playing field. In order to evaluate the functionality of the wagering interface, we selected American Football from the left sports navigation menu.

This opened a page where we could, make that had to, select the league in which we were interested. We felt that was an extra step that other bookmakers we examined have dispensed with. Once we were on the page for NFL preseason games, we saw bet types for Full Time, Winner First Half, Spread First Half and Over/Under First Half. Immediately below that were the available games, including an icon for those that were live.

The markets to choose from were Money Line (head-to-head), Spread and Over/Under. We found a total of six markets for pre-season games. We next followed the same steps to look at Aussie Rules. We again had to choose the league, with the choices being AFL and VFL, so AFL it was, followed by a click on the View Leagues tab; again, that extra unnecessary, in our opinion, step.

There were 12 available bet types, plus a few exotics. Based on this, our conclusion is that Betrally comes nowhere near the domestic agencies in terms of total markets; however, they surpassed the other international agency at which we looked,

Pinnacle, by a wide margin. Other than the extra steps to get to the markets, we found the website easy to navigate and very attractively designed. We appreciated the Bet Search function at the top of the sports navigation column. The betting slip was completely user-friendly. Overall, no serious complaints on our part, and certainly nothing that would cause us to eliminate Betrally from consideration.

Betrally Mobile Platform

There are no operating system-dependent apps for Betrally mobile. They use a mobile version of their website compatible with all devices. As far as we are concerned, this is preferable: nothing to download, no permissions to grant and no memory space requirement. Did we mention-no permissions?

The Betrally mobile site is one of our favourites. It functions essentially in an identical manner to the desktop version, with the exception of being adapted to a smaller screen. We found that it did not load as quickly as the mobile site for bet365, but it was faster than Pinnacle, which also offers a mobile version of their website exclusively.

Betrally Mobile App

Once we were on Betrally’s mobile site, tapping on sports, markets, and so forth went along at a nice clip. This sort of thing is subjective, as anyone who has seen websites load almost instantly one day, only to take forever the next, is all too familiar. Part of it could be our devices, part of it could be us, and part of it could be any number of things in between. As with the main wagering platform, nothing about the mobile offering would cause us to shun Betrally.

Betrally Details

We no longer devote much space to these details. The number of choices of betting agencies for punters is so extensive that the only thing that would shock us would be if an agency demanded a $1 million funding deposit and $1,000 bets. Here is what you need to know. Betrally will take money from you seven different ways. There are five ways to get your money back. At the time we examined them,

Betrally had six different promotions running, including a sign-up bonus, which unlike the domestic bookmakers, was not restricted by state of residence, but still had a few roadblocks nonetheless, the chief one being that for Australians, it was limited to 50 euro, unlike the 100 euro most other countries could receive. To actually withdraw that bonus, it must be rolled over six times at odds of 1.60 or greater.

There are different betting rules for different sports, but given that most of these sports are ones on which you will never punt, you need only look at the ones in which you are interested. Regarding minimum bets, every bookmaker at which we have looked is so low as to render this criterion meaningless as a means of comparison. Turnover requirements at Betrally are considerably higher than those of the domestic bookmakers, the margins are about average, and the odds are competitive.


If you want live online betting without the moral and ethical dilemmas created by the Interactive Gaming Act, Betrally will supply you with that. If you make enough wagers to overcome Betrally’s higher turnover requirements and are willing to pay Betrally’s margin, by all means, a membership with them is worthwhile. You will have to get by without any racing markets.

The other international concern licensed by Curacao, Pinnacle, similarly does not offer racing. We believe that the sport might not take place on that island, which judging by the size as it appears on the map, could only stage sprints. We think that we would gladly entertain the notion of using Betrally, but not as sole agency, especially not for the occasional, recreational punter.

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