Betrally Mobile Betting App

Betrally Mobile Betting App

Betrally’s Mobile Wagering Platform In Detail

Mobile wagering is all the rage, for good reasons, but the Interactive Gambling Act compels the domestic online bookmakers to adhere to a regulation that prohibits them from permitting their clients from taking full advantage of mobile device wagering. Join Betrally Today For A $150 Bonus Bet

For live betting, punters must place a telephone call to their bookmaking agency. As anyone can imagine, the delay in getting in touch with a bookmaker via the telephone could and does affect punts. It requires only seconds for a seemingly good live bet to lose its lustre before it can be gotten on. 

International bookmaking agencies do not have this restriction. For these offshore bookmakers, they are supposed to comply, but they apparently do not, and the provisions of the Interactive Gambling Act has no provisions for the behaviour of Aussie punters, meaning that anyone who does use their internet connected device to place a wager with an international bookmaker is committing no crime.

It is also hard to imagine the Australian military or law enforcement agencies expending effort on achieving compliance from international bookmaking agencies, so we have the classic “Catch 22” scenario, or the old Nod Nod Wink Wink taking place, the morality or ethics of which are not our concern. 

We do not pretend to understand the logic of governments’ legislative bodies, mainly because that logic is hopelessly convoluted, if not entirely absent, so we offer this information regarding the mobile wagering platform of Curacao licensed Betrally in the hopes of assisting punters to use modern technology in the pursuit of wagering entertainment and profit. 

Accessing Betrally’s Mobile Wagering Platform

Betrally’s mobile wagering platform is not operating system dependent, meaning all of you iPhone fanatics and the more intelligent Android device users use the same mobile version of the Betrally website. We actually prefer this mobile system to application dependent systems. Very little storage is required and you do not have to grant all manner of permissions allowing a mobile app to do basically anything it wants with your device. Even the two of you with the Windows phones use the same URL, which is: Join Betrally Today For A $150 Bonus Bet

If you prefer, clicking on the mobile tab from the top panel of the Betrally website will open a page with a QR code, which when scanned, opens a page on your mobile device from which you can navigate the mobile site. This is a really handy approach if you absolutely do not want to type the entire URL.

For the purposes of this review, we are going to have a look at Betrally mobile on a desktop, a 7” Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet and a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. For the tablet and phone, a Wi-Fi connection is being used.

Betrally Mobile Bookmaker Review

Betrally on a Desktop

Not much to say here. There is no point to mobile wagering on a device that has no true mobility; we simply wanted something easy on our old eyes. We would be quite willing to advise anyone to use the mobile version on their desktop in lieu of a mobile device if they want big everything, except that the regular Betrally website is so nicely arranged. We also thought it would be a nice benchmark to compare the page loading speeds of a computer connected to a 20 Mgs internet connection.

Betrally on Tablet Computer

Our first visit to the Betrally mobile page was using the Google Chrome browser. It was slower than the desktop, as could have been anticipated, but it was not as slow as other mobile sites we have visited. It took about 15 seconds to reach the landing page. Our favourite tab was the “All Sports,” although when you first land on the Betrally mobile site, the default open tab is, as it should be, “Live Now.” Of course, this will be try regardless of device or browser. 

It does take a minor bit of scrolling to see all the sports on the All Sports tab, but sports with current live markets on offer have a red bar at the top of their icon with the text, Live Now, so no matter your preference, it is easy to find live bets. 

We next ventured onto the mobile platform on the tablet using Firefox as the browser. It seemed noticeably faster, under 10 seconds to reach the landing page. 

With either browser on the 7” tablet, we found the icons more than adequate in size in terms of vision and the ability to tap the desired market. 

If we were schoolteachers, we would give Betrally on the tablet computer an “A.” We feel that the delay we experienced in accessing the landing page on the tablet as opposed to the desktop was the difference between a Wi-Fi and a hardwired connection and the far superior processor and RAM of the desktop.

Betrally On The Smartphone

Tapping on the “Open” icon that became available when we scanned the QR code with the Android QR application on our phone opened a Betrally landing page, but two minutes and two screen timeouts later, all we had was a spinning beach ball and no true confidence in ever getting the markets to display. We should note that this was using the same balky Android default internet browser app that seems to do this with enough regularity that we would delete it if we could. 

This phone does have the Sportsbet app on it, which is very serviceable.

For purposes of this review, we are installing the Chrome browser from the play store; even though doing this totally negates the advantage we felt we received of not needing to grant every imaginable permission to the Betrally mobile site by giving those permissions to Chrome. 

With the Chrome browser, we were able to access as quick as or perhaps slightly quicker than we had with the tablet, but still well slower than we did with the desktop. We are not going to bother downloading and installing Firefox; we would anticipate the same slight edge in speed as we did on the tablet and we intend to uninstall Chrome from our phone as soon as possible and thus do not want to have to delete two apps instead of one. 

To be sure, there was more scrolling required on the phone than the tablet, but that should not come as a startling revelation. The icons for the various markets are still highly visible and large enough to tap accurately with confidence. 

Note: On both mobile devices, the pinch and expand to increase the size of icons does not seem to be an option of Betrally mobile on our devices, as it is on many of our other apps.

We would also give Betrally mobile an “A” for use on our phone, and cannot hold them responsible for the issues we encountered due to our somewhat obsolescent devices. We would feel completely confident placing wagers with the mobile platform, although for live betting on fast moving markets, more speed that we possess would be a necessity.  We would be fine, for example, placing a live bet during the intermissions of an AFL game. 

The main conclusions here are that the Betrally mobile wagering platform is more than adequate for our skills and physical abilities, but that it may be time for us to consider a phone upgrade.

Betrally Mobile Bookmaker Review

Betrally Mobile Features

When we spent some time reviewing the Betrally website, we found the lack of an “Olympics” link in the sports navigation panel on the left something of a bother. On the mobile version, Olympic events are indicated by a graphic of a gold medal on the icon for the different sports. We felt that this is superior to the way you identify Olympic sports on the main website and would like to see them do this as a way of maintaining consistency across both platforms, but seeing as the Olympics only come along once every couple of years and only last a couple weeks, we can appreciate them not wanting to bother. 

On all devices, we found it easy to locate Aussie Rules. There are separate tabs for the three main leagues: AFL, SANFL and WAFL.

When we tapped AFL, we found 144 markets for the upcoming games in round 22, which is far more than the other international bookmaker we examined, Pinnacle, but far fewer than the Australian agencies. Yet, we cannot help asking ourselves, do we truly need over 100 markets on each game? 

Randomly selecting one team in each matchup, tapping on the odds for the ones we wanted to back created an icon designed to represent a betting slip. When we had all nine games added, we tapped the betting slip icon, which had kept track of the number of selections we had made, and the betting slip then opened, where we were given options for single and combo bets. An interesting feature is that when we tapped the name of any of the teams, we were given a Google icon that when tapped took us to a web page about the team.

We next place our stake in the box, which can be decreased with a tap on the minus icon on the left or increased by tapping the plus icon on the right. Scrolling to the bottom of the betting slip, we were given a box where we could stake the same amount on every game, which immediately calculated our total return for the nine bets we selected and showed the total amount wagered. 

We found the odds for backing both the favourites and the underdogs in line with Sportsbet, but not as good across the board for the entire round. We mentioned this in our regular website reviews, but this is to be expected in a comparison between domestic and international bookmakers when a unique sport such as Aussie Rules is considered. 

We also expressed some other reservations regarding Betrally turnover requirements and margins, which can be explored in more detail in the Betrally website wagering platform review. 


We quite enjoyed our time on the Betrally mobile wagering platform. They claim to offer over 60,000 markets monthly, but we cannot count that high, so we are taking that claim on faith. In terms of live events, the tally was above 25,000, again, beyond the limits of our math. It is possible to deposit and withdraw from the mobile platform, which we would expect, and if you want a casino wager, you can do that as well.

Strictly from the perspective of a functional comparison, we rank Betrally mobile above any of the others we have examined. Punters who wager often and in international markets will be the group best served by Betrally, so long as those who want racing are willing to have a membership with a domestic agency. Join Betrally Today