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Since the first smart phone made its appearance in 2007 courtesy of Apple, people have come to depend on these ubiquitous devices more and more to facilitate managing all aspects of daily life.

Nine years have passed and the mini software programs known as apps cater to every conceivable want and need.

As is not uncommon for modern technology, many of the leading innovations that define our increasingly mobile existence come from the entertainment sector of society, with mobile bookmaker apps serving as a primary example.

Punters are no longer tied to desk and laptop computers and can access their online bookmaker or bookmakers from any location where a Wi-Fi or cellular signal provides Internet connectivity.

Betstar is one of the Australian online bookmakers that has embraced the mobile revolution. Wary of leaving even one person without the ability to have a punt through their offerings, Betstar has three mobile products: one for Apple devices, one for Android devices, and one for that miniscule minority that relies of some other obscure mobile device operating system.

All three mobile offerings share essentially the same features, features that closely mimic the Betstar website, so this look at Betstar’s mobile app assumes that the reader is familiar with online wagering and is interested in the specifics of the mobile app.

Betstar Mobile app

Details Of Betstar Mobile App

Betstar takes a back seat to no one when it comes to mobile wagering capabilities. The only possible drawback, one that applies to any app, is dealing with the small screen size of even the largest phones. Mobile tablet computers alleviate this reality somewhat, but serious punters who want to use Betstar will benefit from doing the heavy lifting of frequent punting with the aid of bigger screens, and using the mobile app for tracking selected markets and placing in play bets.

Like Betstar itself, the mobile app focuses strongly on racing, and punters will have access to thousands of local and international markets for thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing. Like the website, punters will also have access to Betstar’s popular Best of the Best and Best of Four racing products, to name two.

Whilst Betstar does have something of a reputation for catering to racing, sports markets are anything but neglected, with a complete array of major and niche sports, and even politics for those of you who appreciate that the risk there is not only over who will be elected, but what will happen once they are elected.

Downloading the Betstar App

Anyone who has ever downloaded and installed an app of any kind will find no surprises here. A simple search of the Apple or Google Play store is followed by a simple download and installation with a couple of taps. If that is too much bother, a QR code on the website can be scanned, which will automatically provide a direct link for the app, eliminating that pesky typing in a search box.

Navigating the Betstar App

As an entertainment app, the interface is both colourful and amusing, yet still has a professional air that eliminates any vestiges of gimmickry. A punter who absolutely has to get a wager on will appreciate the ease with which the next races appear on the initial page when the app is opened. This function makes sifting through menus in order to locate a market completely unnecessary.

Icons on the bottom of the screen for various options are small to allow for more space devoted to markets and odds, yet are big enough to be seen and manipulated without surgical dexterity. The layout is designed to minimise scrolling, although most app users accept this aspect of mobile life.

One feature that will be appreciated is that there are some default wager sizes built in to eliminate opening the device’s keyboard and switching to the numeric display, but that necessity is more device-dependent than app-dependent. Those punters content to wager in round numbers, such as $5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 and so on, will truly enjoy this feature of the app.

There are also complete account management functions built into the app, most importantly the ability to deposit and withdraw funds.


The acquisition of Betstar by Ladbrokes in 2014 provided a major infusion of capital that was made available to develop a website and mobile applications that are on par with any of the major online bookmakers.

The mobile apps are simply further proof of Betstar’s aggressive pursuit of punter participation and the continuous improvements in all aspects of the operation, including innovations and new features added to the mobile side of things on an ongoing basis.

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