2018 FIFA World Cup Soccer Times a bit Challenging for Aussie Viewers

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The draw is out and Australia is into the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Getting in was never certain, but now the Aussies can do the work of trying to prove that they deserve to be in Russia. That means anyone in Oz who might want to watch an Aussie game in real time might have to prepare for some odd hours.

We have resorted to recording major sporting events in the past, but even back in the VHS days, when the two primary challenges were to figure out how to get the bloody machine programmed and to stop blinking 12:00 at us, and how to avoid the spoilers that threatened to make viewing the game irrelevant, there was still something unsatisfying about watching something we knew was already history.

It has become even harder now that the internet has taken over our lives. Even looking for a new blender on Amazon can lead to an accidental discovery of the outcome of some sports event we wanted to watch on our schedule.

As for the World Cup 2018, some of Australia’s games will kick-off in prime time, but others will come along at five in the morning.

AEST is seven hours ahead of Moscow, which is not awful; at least, with the exception of evening starts in Russia, the games will be on the same day. We have been fooled by that International Date Line thing too many times to mention.

Even though it is six months or so until Australia’s first game, here are some times and dates. All times and dates are local AEDT.

Australia’ first match will be against the French on Saturday, June 16 at 8 pm. That is peachy.

The next game is on Thursday, June 21, against Denmark at 10 pm. Another good slot, although the end will be past our bedtime.

Australia v Peru will be on Wednesday, June 27 at 12 am. Not so convenient, that one.

By this time, hopefully, the Aussies are still in it, but that will require lots of hope.