Adam Gotsis Surprises Observers Coming Back Ahead of Schedule

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Aussie defensive lineman Adam Gotsis is apparently ahead of schedule in his return from the knee surgery that wiped out his senior season at Georgia Tech. He was seen taking quite a few reps with his professional team, the NFL World Champion Denver Broncos in Saturday’s training camp session.

Gotsis worked out with the second-team defensive unit and did not appear to be hampered with any mobility issues and neither did it seem as though the Broncos’ coaching staff was holding him back.

Gotsis reports that he assesses the health of his knee at around 90 – 95 percent recovered, but will not consider himself fully at 100 percent until the team starts live contact.

He worked out on his own during the first two days of camp and seemed as though he was somewhat tentative, as well he should be, considering the nature of knee injuries and the stakes with which he is dealing.

It may have been something of a blessing in disguise for Gotsis, who might otherwise have been drafted by a losing team or one where there were limited opportunities for rookie defensive linemen.

The Broncos are likely to make him part of the rotation once the regular seasons gets underway, where he will see playing time due to the departure of one of the Broncos’ starters from last season, who was lured away through the free agency process.