Adam Scott Concerned For Jason Day Golfing in Rio

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In the refreshing breath of fresh air honesty that is not all that common these days, Adam Scott has admitted that fear of the Zika virus is not a case for him, nor should it be for anyone, of illogical hypochondria.

Scott made his comments when expressing concern for world number one Jason Day and anyone involved in any way with the Rio Olympics.

Scott is known for being a square shooter, so when he said his primary concern was focusing on the PGA Tour Majors and the desire to spend time with his family, no one could truly doubt him, although his decision to not represent for Australia was met with harsh criticism. Initially it was Aussie captain Ian-Baker Finch who questioned Scott’s motives, but he has come around to an appreciation for Scott’s stance.

Scott is not the only one to express trepidation around the specter of Zika. MLB cancelled a series of games that were to be staged in Puerto Rico, another area where the mosquito species responsible for transmitting the virus is common.

If the virus, which in humans is spread by mosquitos and sexual content, were to be spread around the globe and potentially mutate into a form that could be carried by other mosquito species, the consequences could indeed be dire.