AFL Bye Week Prior to Finals Jump Creating Fan Angst

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Those of us for whom delayed gratification, specifically, a shortage thereof, are chomping at the bit to get the 23rd round out of the way and get on to the 2016 AFL finals. We cover our ears and shout nonsense syllables when mention is made of the bye week between the end of home and away playing and the object of our lust: the finals.

There does not seem to be much at stake in the last week of the season. St. Kilda should be the Lions, after all, the saints always got the better of the lions when they went head-to-head in the Roman Coliseum, did they not?

Then, GWS will probably beat North Melbourne, which would leave the Saints and the Roos tied at 12 wins and 10 losses each, but even if this scenario unfolds as it would seem reasonable to conclude that it will, the Roos hold a considerable 15 lead in percentage.

Our math skills are not up to the task of calculating how many points the Saints need to score to close that gap, other than to say: a lot, but looking at points against, it would almost appear that the Saints would not only have to hold the Lions scoreless, they would have to have points deducted from their ledger from the balance of the season.