AFL Draft Maneuvering Rising to the Fore

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The Greater Western Sydney Giants have expressed an interest in obtaining the Essendon Bombers’ first round draft pick, as the Giants have made no mystery concerning their desire to secure the services of nothing lower than a top-three selection.

It is not absolutely certain, with five games remaining in the 2016 AFL season, that Essendon will qualify for the top pick, but they do figure to be picking near the top. The Giants have offered to give the Bombers two of their three first-round picks.

Gold Coast, on the other hand, has ruled out making any deals with the Bombers, since they currently have the fourth and eighth pick in the first round.

Two first-round picks seems to be the going price for the number one overall pick. The Giants got one of their first round picks from Collingwood that they picked up from the Adam Treloar deal, along with Geelong’s first round pick.

Essendon has indicated that they might be affable to trading the top pick, should things shake out that way, but that they will not do it for anything less than the right offer.

The Giants have highly rated academy player Will Setterfield, who might attract an early bid and they are also trying to maneuver around a tight salary cap position.