AFL Finals Eve Musings Regarding Long Term Future of League

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It sometimes seems as though other sites are reading our posts and building their content from those posts.

Just yesterday, we were suggesting Winx forego England and go to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave to capture some U.S. Thoroughbred racing swag.

Today, we start up the Internet and see that our piece about the Jetta cousins playing AFL finals football against each other at Optus Stadium has gone mainstream.

What is it they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery?

No matter, we will take flattery in any form, even it is insincere, delivered tongue-in-cheek, or in this case, self-inflicted.

We could call the game between the two cousins the War Between the States, but that one has been used for a more significant event and a war between Victoria and Western Australia would be pointless, as the two regions actually co-exist quite peacefully.

Our aim today is to inform the AFL that if it ever wants to truly grow outside Victoria and enjoy the same popularity in New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland, the brain trust should devise a system where a Grand Final could be played outside MCG.

We would suggest that something be done to improve the quality of the game in Brisbane and Gold Coast, but that might be asking for more than anyone could deliver.

Excuse us Lions, we do not want to ignore those premierships, but what have you done for us lately?

As for Gold Coast, the club has done reasonably well for an expansion side, but the nicest thing they have done of late is to let Gary Ablett come back to Geelong.

The Jetta cousins, Neville of Melbourne and Lewis for West Coast will enjoy advance knowledge of their Grand Final opponent, as the Richmond versus Collingwood game will be decided a day ahead, but if the Pies beat the Tigers, our opinion is that Grand Final should go to Optus.