AFL Succumbs to North Pressure for Good Friday Game in 2017

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Patience is a virtue, it is often said, but would it be a sin to play footy on Good Friday?

In most likelihood, we will not be able to provide a conclusive answer to that question until after we are dead and hopefully in heaven. If we should happen to see representatives from the North Melbourne Kangaroos, we will have our answer.

There is a better than even chance, however, that we may experience a different outcome than eternal paradise, in which case, we will still have our answer, based on the presence or absence of the ‘Roos.

More certain is that after seeking permission for 25 years, the Kangaroos have been given absolution to play on Good Friday in the 2017 AFL fixture.

It will not be any ordinary affair, either, as the ‘Roos will play 2016 premier Western Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium in round four.

They could have had the game years ago if they had suggested as an opponent the St. Kilda Saints.

The AFL has a long-held tradition of keeping one of Christianity’s most important religious observances sacrosanct, but it would seem that they have accepted the trend of a much more secular society toward a separation of commerce and religion.

The AFL intends to rotate the two teams involved in the Good Friday game each year.