AFLW Players Hit the Gym Ahead of 2018 AFLW Competition

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AFLW players, buoyed by the warm reception they received last year during their inaugural season, have used the offseason to engage in fierce training regimens, that, in the words of Fox Sports’ Sarah Olle, will produce a sophomore season that will be, “Faster, stronger, harder.”

Thirty-two-year-old Erin Phillips supplies a prime example.

She has quit playing professional basketball, where, we should mention, she was quite formidable, with championships and a stint in the US.’s WNBA, to focus on footy.

We do not know all the details, but from a strictly monetary standpoint, it would seem that the WNBA would be far more lucrative monetarily that AFLW, but that is Phillips’ affair, not ours.

She struggled during the first season of AFLW due to a quadriceps issue that was particularly troublesome for her kicking, and has rehabbed to the extent that she should be a force with which to be reckoned, despite being one of the older players in the competition, in the 2018 AFLW Premiership competition.

It has been pretty unique for me because I haven’t had basketball in the off- season,” Phillips said recently. “So I got to spend a lot of time just working on aerobic fitness, which is something that is never easy, trying to transform from a basketball to a football.”

Phillips is not the only footy skipper to use meticulous preparation to prepare for 2018.

Collingwood Magpies star Moana Hope appeared positively ripped after losing 8 kg and her teammate Jasmine Garner has shed weight and leaned on better nutrition to up her game.

“I’ve been trying to work a lot harder up the ground,” Garner told after last year’s State of Origin match.

When the first season of AFLW play concluded, the players returned to the VFLW, but they went back armed with new insights as to how to improve physically.

Carlton Blues Captain Brianna Davey told RSN that there would be a “Massive difference,” in the level of play of season two compared to season one of AFLW play, simply because of improved fitness across the lists of every team in the comp.