AFLW Season Less Than a Long Long Week Distant

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Are we there yet?

How much longer do we have to wait?

Dad, would you really turn the car around and take us home for not behaving?

The sort of questions we used to ask innocently, which drove our parents crazy popped into are minds immediately after this one – Is it Friday yet?

That is five days from now, but each day seems successively longer as we await the start of the 2018 AFLW premiership competition.

It must feel similar to the Brisbane Lions, who have had to live under the Just Wait ‘Til Next Year pledge that came about as the result of their having lost the inaugural AFLW premiership to the Adelaide Crows.

Speaking of which, and attempting to avoid at all costs any sort of accusations of misogyny, could we have some AFLW teams names that make it obvious we are talking about the women’s and not the men’s sides?

Would Lionesses be acceptable for Brisbane? If we were to encounter a lioness on the African planes, we would be no less dead than if we ran into a male lion.

That course of action would make the women’s side from Richmond the Tigresses, but does not provide a clear path so far as Carlton is concerned, as a Magpie is a magpie of either gender. Same for the Crows, Carlton, Fremantle and the rest.

Brisbane will have to wait an extra day beyond Friday, however, as they do not start until Saturday in a rematch of last year’s Grand Final, when the play the Crows at Norwood Oval in Adelaide.

The Lions will have to recover quickly after losing a practice match to GWS, where they were absolutely thrashed by the Giants. The Lions trailed 30 – 1 after the first quarter.

That got the attention of Lions’ Coach Craig Starcevich. “We had this thought going all summer with our crew to not think that last year’s ladder positions are an indicator for this year,’’ he said.

We hope that the AFLW Lions do not choose to follow the path of the AFL Lions.