AFLW Short Fixture Leaves Little Margin for Error

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Whilst some of us are hoping for nothing but the best for the AFL Women’s competition, one stark reality they confront is that with only one game against each team, with the top two then playing the Grand Final, there is no margin for error.

This is certain to lead to an increased level of intensity, since the players do not have to think of conserving resources for a long, drawn out home and away season such as their male counterparts do, but it is hard not to wish that each team faced the other twice, with a home and away aspect in order to encourage supporters.

Of course, most of the players in the AFLW have faced each other at the club level, but the short season will dictate that training be focusued on a season that is more of a sprint and less of a marathon, so there will be no opportunities to have a bad day and it is hard to conceive of a Grand Final appearance with anything fewer than five wins.

With the limited fixture, it is heartening to note that each team will get some opportunities to be on what will be considered home ground and it is hoped that supporters turn out in force for what appears to be a compelling new entry into the Australian sports market.