Amanda Nunes Makes Short Work of Ronda Rousey in UFC 207

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We are not exactly sure what the per-minute cost was for pay-per-viewers who subscribed to UFC 207 to see the highly touted return of Ronda Rousey to the mixed martial arts octagon, but we do know that the return lasted only 48 seconds, so the cost must have been significant.

Several months ago, Rousey seemed ambivalent about her future in the UFC and her recent debacle against Amanda Nunes would seem to cast serious doubt in regards to her future, but it would seem appropriate to conclude that a heavily promotable rematch with Holly Holm at some future juncture is now nothing more than a pipe dream.

Such are the vicissitudes of sports, however, and no athlete is immune to the ravages of time, physically or mentally.

One factor that is further deteriorating Rousey’s future potential is that subsequent to her previous loss to Holm over a year ago and this recent setback against Nunes, she seemed to eschew the pre or post fight promotions that are part and parcel of the Ultimate Fighting Challenge Game, which relies heavily on publicity and bombastic predictions of the outcomes of the matches.

Fortunately, the UFC has Conor McGregor, who if he has ever been at a loss for words, he was able to disguise that loss quickly and vehemently.