Andrew Bogut Expected to be Ready for 2017 – 2018 NBA Season

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The miraculous recovery of Andrew Bogut from a broken leg late in the 2016 – 2017 NBA season that limited his stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers to 58 seconds was a truly welcome development.

It was not miraculous for the fact that a broken leg mended, but for reasons that he was able to resume his NBA career and that the Los Angeles Lakers were willing to give a 12-year journeyman veteran a job.

Bogut is once again sidelined by injury, but it is considered minor and will not prevent him from being ready for the new season on later this month.

Bogut missed some of the Lakers’ preseason games due to immigration issues. It would seem that under the current administration, no immigrant is safe, but it may take even longer to build a floating wall across the Pacific Oceanthat it will require for the as yet invisible wall on dry land between Mexico and the U.S.

The Lakers have one preseason game remaining against the Los Angeles Clipper on Friday, the 13th (superstition alert), where Bogut is expected to give his groin a bit of a test. Good luck, Andrew, break a leg, but only in the showbiz sense, not in the actual sense.

Luke Walton, son of NBA legend Bill Walton and Head Coach of the Lakers, described Bogut’s injury as “not very serious.” Anyone who has ever had any kind of groin injury finds Walton’s characterisation a little inaccurate, as even minor groin pain is extremely excruciating, not to mention highly limiting of mobility.

As we are always willing to admit when we are wrong, mostly to prevent others the satisfaction of pointing it out to us, we declared Bogie done when he went down with a broken leg last season. Our thinking was that Bogut commands a veteran’s salary and the NBA is not a charitable organisation, but the Lakers got Bogut for a bargain, two songs perhaps, and he is still a valuable defensive presence who can come off the bench whenever needed.