Andrew Bogut and Warriors Set New Mark for Regular Season Wins

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Andrew Bogut could permit himself to bit of a pat on the back this morning and enjoy the Golden State Warriors’ record-setting 73rd regular season victory, despite his earlier words that the record was not all that significant in his eyes.

The Warriors never left any doubt as to the outcome of their final game against Memphis, winning by 21 points in a game where Steph Curry rained ten three-pointers on the Grizzlies to set the ridiculous record of 402 threes for the season.

Bogut will have to get back to work soon, as he took it easy against Memphis, playing just 19 minutes, contributing four points, four rebounds and two blocked shots.

He and the Warriors will face James Harden and the Houston Rockets in the first round of the playoffs. Current Rockets’ Coach Bernie Bickerstaff, who took over mid-season for the fired Kevin McHale, is already busy devising strategies to slow down Curry. He may need to resort to posting some of his subs in the nosebleed seats of Oracle Arena in the event Curry decides to launch threes from the outer limits of his seemingly infinite range.

If the Rockets due adopt a strategy of denying Curry the ball in three-point territory, Curry will simply put the ball on the floor and look for Bogut standing under the basket, where Bogie can unleash a few of his crowd-pleasing dunks.