Arum Reports Pacquiao has Signed Deal to Fight Horn in Brisbane

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Manny Pacquiao has finally put pen to paper and signed a deal to fight Jeff “Fighting Schoolteacher” Horn at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium on July 2, ending speculation. Pacquiao spend several weeks or longer dithering, apparently to up his percentage, by flirting with other fights in the United Arab Emirates.

An official announcement has yet to be made, but Pacquiao promoter has indicated that that announcement should be coming shortly, with only a few minor details yet to be finalised.

Queensland Major Events Minister Kate Jones quickly took to social media to indicate that the State Government is yet to receive the details of the deal, but it appears that the fight would take place on Sunday afternoon in Brisbane in order to coincide with prime viewing hours in the U.S., where the bulk of pay-per-view revenues will be generated.

The timetable for a final announcement is given as the end of the week.

There must be major sighs of relief coming from Horn’s camp after Pacquiao tried to get inside Horn’s head with his flirtations with other boxers.

So, we apparently will have a boxing match betwixt a schoolteacher and a politician, as Pacquiao has been a representative of the Philippine Government since “retiring” from boxing.