Arzani Key in Friendly Win Over Hungary

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There is a chorus demanding that Daniel Arzani get the start when the Socceroos take the pitch against France in their first match at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals.

Australia beat Hungary in their final friendly with Hungary and the adjectives connected to Arzani were the likes of sensational and mind-boggling after Arzani scored 22 metres and added some help with Australia’s second goal in the 2 – 1 win.

Hungary is currently ranked at 51 in the FIFA world rankings table, but are not in the tournament, as qualifying in Europe is not so easy as it is in other areas.

Would it be politically incorrect that FIFA base its groups on actual ranking?

That might upset more than a few and FIFA is nothing if not aware that inclusiveness equals revenue.

Back to Arzani, several, well a couple, former Socceroos have called for Arzani to get the nod to be in the first eleven.

One of those is Robbie Slater, who said, “There’s one thing we’ve learnt,” Slater said on Fox Sports’ coverage of the international friendly.

“There is a massive question mark about Arzani. What a cameo. That was brilliant, for a youngster who came off the bench and made the game his own.“I mean, just give the ball to Arzani. Did he actually lose the ball?
The other former Socceroo, Paul Okon, provided harmony to the Arzani chorus, saying, “Start him. What we saw from those 20 minutes, you have to think about starting him. If he’s named in the starting lineup against France, no one will question it at all.”

Others chose to take a more conservative tack, as a potential blunder on Arzani’s part against France would raise a chorus of a different sort, one that would sing on the need for a platter on which to serve the severed head of Bert van Marwijk.

Some of the doubt centred on Arzani’s defensive discipline, but it would be thought that Arzani learned at least the rudiments of defense in his starring role for Melbourne City.