Aston Martin Executives Turn Out for Australian Grand Prix

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Just ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, it would appear as though Aston Martin could be staging a return to the racing code. The concept is to boost the fortunes of the Red Bull Racing team.

Red Bull’s designer, Adrian Newey, could potentially be involved in future design projects for Aston Martin.

Precise details should be made public at a press conference in Melbourne that will probably feature key Aston executives Andy Palmer and Simon Sproule in prominent positions. The two men arrived in Melbourne only recently.

There are plenty of details that involve mostly pure speculation at this point in time. It would seem as though 2017 is the earliest possible date to see an Aston engine in a Red Bull car, since the team is using a power train supplied by Renault in this season’s cars.

Mercedes-Benz owns some shares in Aston Martin and one possibility is that a new engine could easily be an AMG turbocharged V8 for the German automaker’s performance division.

Aston Martin has a long history of involvement in the motorsport world dating back to the 1950s when it was often seen in the winners’ circle at Le Mans and sports car divisions.