Aussie Sevens Lose In London to Yank Mercenaries

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Oh, please! Say it is not so!

The Australian side was completely outclassed by the side from, get ready for it, the United States, where the word “rugby” will be met by blank stares, a quick resort to the mobile for a search, followed by a knowing nod upon discovering that “rugby” means a sale at a carpet store.

The Aussies lost 31 – 14. Ubet Odds

To be fair, many of the players on the U.S. side have rugby pedigrees earned in international play for countries for whom the game is a way of life. The Yanks have one sure method for sports dominance: buy your way to the top. The almighty dollar goes a long way in a country where a borderline NFL kicker can earn $US 2 million per year when in the NRL, a $AUD 1 million salary is spoken of with awed reverence.

Aussie veteran playmaker James Stannard, a ripe, old 34 years of age, marked a milestone in surpassing 1000 career points in world series rugby play. He lost a tooth in the game, but we would speculate that it was neither the first time, nor anywhere near his 1000th.