Aussie Sports Apocalypse Scheduled for 2035

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Word of caution to the Aussie scribe who resented the trend toward Yanks coming along to usurp spots on the lists of AFL teams: An Australian couple from Perth living in the Outback region of the States, specifically Colorado, is preparing to turn the trickle into a torrent around the year 2035.

Not just footy, either.

Andrew Bowden, CEO of Colorado Ball Sports, with locations in Arvada and Morrison (suburbs of Denver), along with his wife Mel are taking kids as young as two and teaching them cricket and netball as well.

Bowden’s approach is something he calls multisports. He feels that there is ample evidence to support the idea that great sports superstars share the common characteristic of having played many different sports. He maintains that this keeps sports fun, removes some of the pressure to compete and eliminates overuse injuries.

Colorado Ball Sports teaches kids to explore 10 different sports beyond those mentioned above. Soccer, baseball, basketball, badminton, field hockey, volleyball, bowling, football and golf are also on the curriculum.

Aussies need not be overly concerned about Yanks invading Aussie sports. Most American kids who pursue sports without abandoning them to play video games soon discover that a journeyman baseball pitcher in MLB can go on the disabled list and still earn more than the entire annual payroll of the St. Kilda Saints.