Aussies Dominate Medal Table at 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

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It might have been the incessant droning of bagpipe music that hurt the Aussie medal chances in the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland.

Australian athletes brought home a total of 137 medals, which were fairly equally distributed between gold, silver and bronze.

Such is not the case with the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Home ground has been good to Australia and with several days of competition still to come, the home side has nearly equaled the total from 2014. Australia also holds a large lead over England, the big winners from 2014.

These 2018 games are looking very much like a southern hemisphere affair, with Australia New Zealand and South Africa all in the top five.

India and England are representing well for the countries north of the equator.

All of this is just idle chatter, however, as location of a country does not play as crucial a factor as does the number of athletes a country sends to take part, so it would be expected that Australian athletes show well, since Australia has supplied 474 competitors, compared to 396 for England and 253 for New Zealand and 218 for India.

South Africa sent 196 and Malaysia 178.

Tiny Wales sent 214, leaving us to wonder who is running the show in Cardiff during the fortnight of the Commonwealth Games.

Some of those who delight in the travails of others could not resist taking to social media to lay the sledge to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who failed to properly raise his voice in unison with the others at the final night of the swimming competition, when the iconic “You’re the Voice” was played and sung by the athletes and spectators.

Maybe Turnbull simply does not like the song, or he may be no one’s son or daughter, but at least he could have lent his voice to the part where they go Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o.