Aussies Told to be Ready for Anything in Rio Games

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With about four months until the Rio Olympics, the bosses of Australian sports are telling their contingent of athletes to be prepared to encounter a challenging environment.

Everything from poor water quality, dubious security, poor transportation and illness has been mentioned, along with the lack of completion of the Olympic village, an issue that seems to plague Olympic Games as cities pay extravagant sums to be chosen as the site, only to run into huge cost overruns in building venues for the various events.

Former Australian pentathlete and head of the Australian contingent Kitty Chiller has used the potential issues to claim an advantage for her squad with the boast that Australians are better equipped to deal with adversity in a foreign environment than the Europeans.

Chiller stopped short of casting any aspersions toward the Americans, but Australia should enjoy the advantage of being in their accustomed hemisphere, whilst the Americans, as well as the Canadians, will be crossing the equator.

Four months is not too long a period when gaining a psychological advantage is concerned, but at least in the case of the Australian men’s basketball squad, many of them will be coming to the Games after completing their NBA obligations, seven out of 18, to be exact.