Australian Cricketers May be Reduced to Exhibition Play in U.S.

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That nice round number of 500 was dangling right there in front of the Poms, but they had to settle for 481 in demonstrating that things will get rougher than a South African Test ball before they get smoother for the Australian cricketers.

England beat Australia by 242 runs, a disgraceful outcome by any measure, but coming in limited-overs ODI play, where 242 is a decent total, it was the sort of infamous outcome that will provide an indelible mark for the books.

It goes down as the biggest defeat in the history of Australia. England’s 481 is the sort of figure one expects in Test play.

British mercy made an appearance, as England did not enforce the follow on.

Former Aussie cricketer Adam Gilchrist felt that the Poms had left some runs out there, just the same.

British batter Alex Hales, who fell three short of 150, making 147 from 92, admitted that the 500 figure was on the minds of the Poms.

After the match, Hales said, “There was a moment when Morgs (captain Eoin Morgan) came out but we didn’t quite get there unfortunately,” Hales said after play. “He was saying ‘if ever there is a chance, now is it’ but I just couldn’t quite get going at the end with those wide slower balls… but what a day!”

Even the Indians felt sympathy for the Aussies and Sourav Ganguly, one of the top 10 run scorers in ODI history expressed not only shock at the total, but concern for the entire game of cricket.

“Too see almost 500 runs scored in 50 overs in england is scaring me ..about the health of the game and where it’s going..Australian bowling getting treated this way whatever the conditions may be is not acceptable..A country of lillee,thompson,benaud…”

Forgiving Ganguly for his formatting and word selection, it was, after all, Twitter, he ran out of space and had to continue, McGrath,Lee,Warne,McDermott,gillespie …produce such ordinary stuff is nerve wracking..good bowling is important for survival of the game it dying?hope not..I am sure they are more skillfull and better bowlers in one of most powerful nations in cricket.”

It was the fourth consecutive defeat for Australia since Cape Town and they have not been close in any of those four.