Australian Rugby World Cup Prospects Looking Dim Indeed

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Michael Cheika might want to develop a new skill, that of growing extra heads to keep pace with all the axes aimed at him.

Losing to Wales was the sort of thing that has the villagers assembling with the torches and pitchforks for an assault on the castle.

The Wallabies scored not try one in the loss after owning Wales for the better part of the last decade, almost to the degree the All Blacks own the Wallabies.

Will Cheika last until the 2019 World Cup in Japan?

At least no Wallabies have been caught on video mucking with the ball.

The Australian national squad seems to move from one crisis to another. Improvement in the scrum is followed by problems in the lineout. Find a way to decrease the porosity of the defense and an inability to score rears its head. Improve the props and the backline recedes.

The final two Test of 2018 are with Italy, usually the source of a victory, unless the outcome in Wales was an ominous omen, and England, where a victory might be a career-saver for Cheika.

England, however, is on a mission of vengeance after being robbed of a victory over the All Blacks at Twickenham, so Cheika had better have the Wallabies firing on all cylinders when they meet England on November 25.

At times, it seems as though Rugby Australia would be happy to move on from Cheika, but there is no willing replacement.

The loss to Wales finds Australia equal worst ever in terms of occupying the seventh slot in the world rankings. Compared to the other coaches to have guided the Wallabies, Cheika ranks 11th.

If this were the NRL of NFL, Cheika would be told to stay in the locker room following the main break.

Where have you gone, Eddie Jones?

Eddie has left and gone away, although he is only two spots above Cheika on the list and he seems to be ensconced in England for the foreseeable future.