Australian Toby Price Two Stages From Win

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Australian Toby Price continued to put time on his 2016 Dakar Rally rivals in the 11th stage of the motorcycle division.

He did not win the stage, but his overall lead grew to 35 minutes, and with two stages remaining, barring disaster, he can basically coast to the finish.

Price led most of the stage until his KTM teammate Antoine Meo showed up at the last checkpoint with an 18-second advantage over Price.

The primary benefit of the stage was an additional 12 minutes Price gained on Stefan Svitko, who finished seventh in the stage.

Team Honda’s hopes were dashed when Paul Goncalves crashed early in the stage and was not able to resume. For the time being, Antoine Meo is in the third and final spot for the podium.

Price appears to be the fastest rider in the field, so any hopes of catching him hinge on a major blunder involving navigation or mechanical issues of some sort. In just his second attempt at Dakar, Price has continued in the second week what he started in week one when he demonstrated that he had superior equipment and support.

The nest-to-last stage is 481kms of semi-mountainous terrain and rivers. All Price need do is pay attention to his rivals’ progress at the checkpoints and grab the checkered flag at the finish line in Rosario.