Australian Women’s Sevens Win in Dubai

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It is not always the best of fortunes for Australian rugby and the recent hopes of a Wallabies resurgence went a cropper when the team could not back a narrow win over the All Blacks in Brisbane Bledisloe Cup play with an undefeated run on their spring tour, but the story is decidedly different on the women’s side of thing, at least so far as the sevens are concerned.

They have inaugurated the 2017 – 2018 world series tournament in Dubai with a 34 – 0 drubbing of the U.S.

Yes, it is the U.S., and it is possible that they Yanks sent a sevens squad the UAE thinking that they were on the scout for good bargains on Persian rugs, rather than to play rugby, but a win is a win, and this one followed a victory over the Canucks, so something good must be going on for Tim Walsh and his side.

And, it should be said, it was the U.S. in the final, so provided there were more than two teams in the tournament, beating them, and beating them soundly, must count for something.

“To beat a very good Canadian team and to go and blow away the USA in the final was very pleasing and there were some outstanding performances,” Coach Walsh said. “Everyone banded together and put into practice what we have been working on over the last few months.

The USA did in fact look capable, dominating possession for the opening of the game, but the Aussies got onto the scoring ledger first when Emilee Cherry set up outside back Emma Tonegato.

From that point on, it was a scoring fest by Australia and by the half, MVP Evania Pelite, showing good manners the entire time, claimed a hat trick.

The women’s sevens series will be in Sydney in January.