Baylee Nothdurft Receives Leniency Over Punting Suspension

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It seems as though apprentice jockey Baylee Nothdurft will get an early reprieve from his suspension for improper betting.

He was handed three months by stewards in June, but indicated that he could have that reduced to two provided he completed a gambling counselling course.

Just 18 years of age, he was riding for trainer Lindsay Hatch of Queensland. Nothdurft was the talk of Toowoomba until it was discovered that he had 69 punts on between April and June, but fortunately, none of those were on races in which he was riding.

Nothdurft appears to be penitent. According to Hatch, “Baylee is currently doing that course so hopefully stewards do take that into consideration. He has been turning up to my stables at 3.30am every morning and cleaning 12 boxes and working really hard. He has impressed me with his attitude and his hard work and dedication.”

Hopefully, Nothdurft can take away valuable experience and get his issues behind him at an early age, and then get his senior license and show his true mettle.

Before his suspension, over his last 50 rides, he rode 20 winners, came in second seven times and third on five rides.

He has ridden at Gold Coast, Townsville and other venues, but his impressive performances at Toowoomba, including a treble in May, were what directed the spotlight in his direction.

His last win was at Gold Coast Racecourse on June 3, where he rode Pure Luck for Ben Currie and added $14,000 to the till in a close race where Pure Luck was indeed lucky, winning over Misprint in a photo in a handicap race for juveniles.

Jockeys who punt represent the same bad scenario as bartenders who drink, so trainers need to be keenly aware to monitor their riders lest the full weight of the stewards comes tumbling down on them.