Believe Who You Will McGregor Seeks Absolution from Nevada

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The fight ended and Khabib Nurmagomedov victorious, Conor McGregor battle on after the bell, not with his opponent, but seemingly with anyone within arm’s length, causing the Nevada State Athletic Commission to suspend McGregor.

He is set for a hearing and if he can remember that he has one mouth and two ears, and can make a semblance of an appearance of contriteness, the commission will grant a pardon.

The UFC already has an opponent lined up for The Notorious, the UFC legend Donald Cowboy Cerrone.

McGregor has yet to sign a contract to make the fight official, with former UFC fighter turned podcaster Brendan Schaub announcing, “[Someone who] could not get closer to the situation told me that the Donald Cerrone-Conor McGregor fight was offered, that’s the plan and they’re waiting for Conor to sign the contract.It’s up to Conor if he wants that as his next fight. I know from a legit source close to the situation that that is the fight they want to do.”

A podcast involving any anonymous tip would not pass muster for the Herald Sun or The Courier-Mail, but let us not forget that this is the UFC and not KFC or the United Nations.

Dana White rather adamantly disputed a deal for a fight between McGregor and Cerrone.

“That’s not true, absolutely not true. Obviously that’s the fight that Cowboy Cerrone wants but that’s not true,” White said. “We haven’t even thought about an opponent for either one of those guys (McGregor, Nurmagomedov) yet.”

“We’re not even thinking about it, it’s not even worth talking about because we don’t know how long the suspensions going to be, what fines it’s going to be, we don’t know the penalties yet,” White added.

It appears to be a case of, “He said, he said,” but that only adds to the entertainment value presented by the UFC, which is enjoying record popularity around the world to the extent that imitators seem to be spawning faster than the bunnies along the rabbit-proof fence.