Best Way to Fix Pro Sports Review System is Get Rid of it Entirely

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If anyone were wondering, Ladbrokes has quite an offering in the category of politics.

All the campaigning in the U.S. can cease immediately, as the current occupant of the White House is a $2.10 favourite, with the next two quoted at $6.50.

As best we can determine, the favourite has not taken to Twitter to protest his price and no one need remind him that he nearly lost to the lone woman in America who resisted his advances.

On the domestic scene, the smart money is for a coalition government when the 47th Parliament is sworn in down under.

This site is dedicated to sports betting, however, and we only checked on politics because it is the only punt worse than those on offer for American professional gridiron’s trial games.

The NFL futures markets are another matter entirely. Leading the pack to win the Super Bowl are the New England Patriots. They carry a quote of $8, with the Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints both $9.

Last year’s Super Bowl was a complete snoozer and the only interesting facet is that the Los Angeles Rams were in the game courtesy of an officiating blunder of a magnitude impossible to conceive.

The officiating howler led to the league making a rule change where pass interference penalty calls will be subject to review.

We suggest anyone with any interest in having a punt on any of the regular season games make plans to accommodate the delays in the games, such as getting married and raising a family, or returning to university for several years and obtain an advance degree.

We are predicting that the NFL will shelve the rule before the first half of the season is over, assuming, that is, that the first half of the season ever ends.

The current state of the game is such that nearly every play is reviewed. Adding reviews to one of the most subjective areas of the game will only slow things down to the extent that New England quarterback will likely be forced to retire before the first game of the season ends.