Biopic About Dellavedova Designed to Inspire Aussie Youth

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It would seem likely that Matthew Dellavedova is soon going to add Movie Star to his resume, as his success story from boy growing up in Maryborough to NBA success is nothing if not inspiring.

Truly, his story is a compelling one, especially the part where an undersized basketball player makes it to the NBA, pays his dues, earns more playing time, catches the attention of the league, and then signs a multi-year deal to make him a millionaire.

His passion for competing and winning also translates well to the big screen and the scenes of his heartbroken tears when the Boomers fell short of an Olympic basketball bronze medal in the 2016 Rio Games will be depicted.

Delly was initially reluctant to have the Hollywood spotlight shone on him, but he was eventually convinced by some combination of factors, one of which would have been the opportunity to inspire Australian youths that the brass ring is attainable.

It is not yet known who will play the role of Dellavedova in the movie, although if anyone other than Brad Pitt is chosen, it would seem to be a complete miscarriage, as the physical resemblance in almost uncanny.

Finding someone to play Delly’s mentor from his Cleveland Cavalier Days, LeBron James, might be more problematic.