Bogut Suffers Horror Knee Injury in Game 5 of NBA Finals

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Jarryd Roughead got a brief respite from his battle with cancer recently when Andrew Bogut provided tickets for game five of the NBA Championship Finals. Bogut got the passes for Jarryd and his brother.

Late in the game, good deed doer Bogut needed the medical attention when his knee was hyperextended in a collision with Cleveland Cavalier guard J.R. Smith. Bogut landed awkwardly and lay writhing on the court as play went the other way, came back to his end, then started back again before Golden State could get play stopped.

Bogut needed assistance to get off the court and behind the scenes views of him being taken back to the locker room for evaluation revealed that he was completely unable to put any weight whatsoever on the leg.

The Warriors never completely ruled out a Bogut return for the rest of the game, but replays showed that he would be fortunate to recover in time for the sixth game of the Final series on Thursday evening, U.S. time.

Warriors’ Coach Steve Kerr has been using a small lineup throughout the series, but the Warriors would miss Bogut’s rebounding and shot blocking abilities that enables the team to establish a strong defensive presence in the paint.