Bogut Waived by 76ers Noncommittal on Next Destination

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One piece of the Andrew Bogut puzzle has fallen into place.

The Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers, after receiving Bogut from the Dallas Mavericks as a bargaining chip, placed the 32-year-old Aussie on waivers rather than foot the bill for the remainder of the $11 million Bogut was due from Dallas.

He has mentioned that he is considering various destinations for his next, and in all probability final, NBA stop. Rumours that Bogut had intentions of joining former Dallas teammate Deron Williams in Cleveland, who was obtained to fill the gap created when Matthew Dellavedova bolted to Milwaukee during the offseason, are still just that, rumours.

Bogut has also mentioned the playoff-bound Boston Celtics that desperately need defensive rebounding, the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs as possible destinations.

If Bogut wants to choose the spot that will give him the most money, he would be wise to select the Rockets, who have the most salary cap room. If it is a NBA Championship in his sights, he would be wise to go to Cleveland.

Money should not be a major issue for Bogut, as he was well compensated by the Golden State Warriors before he was jettisoned to allow the Warriors to pay Kevin Durant.

His best choice in terms of contributing, however, would be the Celtics, who rank near the bottom of the league in Bogut’s specialty, defensive rebounding.