Bolt Bolts Sprinting for a Hop to Football in Australia

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This seems like the sort of hop that could work.

Usain Bolt has had his first session as a footballer for the Central Coast Mariners. It was just a light kick-around with Andrew Young, the club’s Head of Performance whose task it is to transform Bolt from sprinter to footballer.

Both codes involve running and even though Bolt may no longer be able to dominate sprinting as he did for so many years, and even though football is about more than blind speed, there are occasions when being able to run fast will prove valuable to Bolt.

Bolt is on the Cusp of being 32-years-old, but having spent so much time in a code where there was no contact; he is a young 32-years-old by football standards.

Mariner’s defender Antony Golec expressed the view that Bolt gave the club a boost simply by his presence at a trial game.

“It’s a big positive, because we’re got the world’s fastest man here,” Golec told“Football is not just about kicking the ball, it’s about the mental side and who better to learn from than someone who was top of their game for nine years.”

At the risk of offending our football constituency, it would seem as though Bolt picked the perfect code to prolong his professional career.

Growing up in Jamaica, it is without doubt that Bolt may have spent more than a little time kicking a soccer ball around. It may not be the official national sport, but in a country of modest financial circumstances, the price of entry is much less than the other big Jamaican sport, cricket.

Come to think of it, Bolt could probably bring some pace to the cricket pitch, if his arms are anywhere close to the speed of his legs.

The bottom line is that whatever sport he chose or chooses, he is one of the most gifted athletes on the planet and given that soccer is the “Beautiful Game” for its purity and simplicity, it would appear as though Bolt code-hopped in a good direction.