Bolt Declares Scheduling of Olympic 100 M Final Ridiculous

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Perhaps if they turned the Olympic Men’s 100 metre into a weight for age affair, someone might provide some competition for Usain Bolt, but as things stand, he is able to take his foot out of the petrol in the last 10 metres and have a look around to see who is behind him.

In last night’s final, Bolt spotted Justin Gatlin of the U.S. a bit of the lead at the start, only to leave him well in his wake from around the 80 m mark.

Both Bolt and Gatlin were not particularly pleased at having the final just one hour after the semi-finals. In Bolt’s case, the final jumped one hour and 20 minutes after his semi. Gatlin had even less time after running in the second semi.

There is usually a two-hour gap between the semifinals and the finals, which was the case when Bolt won his second gold medal in the 100 m in London in 2012.

In his post-race press conference, Bolt claimed ignorance of why the schedule was changed, possibly not wanting to bite the hand that ultimately feeds him, but it is impossible to ignore the impact that the broadcasters exert on Olympic scheduling.