Brent Harvey Sent Off for Dissent in Northern Football League Game

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It is never too late for a dose of tough love, as AFL record holder for most number of games Brent Harvey discovered when the 39-year-old was sent off for arguing with the umpires in a NFL match.

Harvey now plays for the North Heidelberg Club in the Northern Football League. He retired at the end of the 2016 AFL season after playing 432 games for North Melbourne beginning in 1996.

You might think a man would have had enough footy after 432 games, but that is apparently not true in Harvey’s case.

His competitive fires still seem to burn, too, as he disputed the ruling of the umpire that awarded a free kick against Harvey teammate Jackson Jones during the fourth term of a game with West Preston Lakeside.

Harvey seems to have recovered from his ire and went to chat with the umpires after they game, as they were having a post-game beer. They apparently were still upset and they told Harvey to go away.

Appearing on fox footy, Harvey said, “I disagreed with the umpire’s decision. I’m aware that children come to these games and that is one thing I’m very conscious of. I didn’t swear and there was nothing aggressive at all.Next thing I knew I was being sent off. I move on and look forward to next week.”

Harvey received a yellow card, which in the NFL earns a 15-minute visit to the timeout zone. Three yellow cards would result in a one-match ban with no appeal permitted.

Sources indicate that this is the first yellow card for Harvey in the current season. The NFL chose not to weigh in on the incident.

Harvey was decorated often in his 21 seasons with North Melbourne and he obviously showed up on game day. A look at his record on shows that out of 21 seasons, he played in fewer than 20 games only in 1997, 1997, 2009 and 2013, which obviously makes his the ironman of the league.