Brett Stewart Hopes to Return Against Cronulla

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One muscle that has caused more than its fair share of athlete angst, one that resides in the back of the leg and is essential for sports involving running, the hamstring, has kept Manly Sea Eagles forward Brett Stewart on the sidelines as an observer for two frustrating early-round losses that has the team mired at 15th position on the NRL ladder.

Stewart is projecting his availability as probable for a Round 3 game against the Cronulla Sharks, currently in the seventh position. After watching his team lose to highly ranked Bulldogs and Tigers teams, it is hoped that his return is not premature and possibly result in his missing an extended stretch.

Like many a player before him, he was hurt in a trial game and rushed to get back, only to suffer an additional setback, a common aspect of hamstring injuries.

Stewart reports that he has been training without issue recently and that the situation appears promising, but that could well be a case of that extra spurt of motivation that sidelined players often feel, especially when their team is struggling.

Being forced to be an observer has allowed Stewart to see that the main issue the Sea Eagles need to improve is their confidence level.