Brisbane AFLW Ground Needs Upgrade Overhaul or Replacement

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Well, couldn’t they play in The Gabba or Suncorp Stadium?

This was the question that popped into our minds when we learned the news that the Brisbane Lions’ AFLW side is no longer content with the facility at Brendale.

Too late to do anything for this Sunday’s game, where the Lions will host the Western Bulldogs.

The Dockers were permitted to use the new park in Perth, so we know it is high time the AFLW was permitted to use some better digs.

If the AFLW builds on last season’s success, and there is every indication that this will be the case, it is possible to visualise a time in the not too distant future where the women will have their own stadiums.

The issue in Brisbane seems to be that it is hot in February in Brisbane, meaning that games are played later, which raises the issue that Brendale does not have adequate lighting for television broadcasting. Supporters who do show up have poor vantage points.

The Lions are looking for the money to build a new place at Springfield, but the most damning statement over the current state of affairs came from the lips of Brisbane Coach Craig Starcevich, who told The Courier-Mail, We don’t have an adequate venue to actually showcase those games,” Starcevich said.“(A home base) is really important, not only for our team, but for women’s AFL in our state.“In a couple years’ time, we’ll have two teams in this state going around so (it would) certainly drive the interest in our team but also probably drive numbers in women’s AFL and sport generally.”

On balance, it would seem obvious that the problem is the better of the two, the other being that no one was bothering to pay attention to the AFLW.

It will be some time before we know if the popularity of last year and this is a trend that will continue, or if it is a fad that will go the way of all fads.