Brisbane Bullets Climbing Wrong Direction on NBL Ladder

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The Brisbane Bullets seems to have expended all their ammo in the 2018 NBL season. They have lost six straight and have shot themselves in the foot with their last remaining cartridge.

Coach Andrej Lemanis is shouldering the blame, which might be a bad thing to do, given the propensity for professional sports teams to axe a coach when the players fail to perform.

It is one thing to lose a tight game, but the Bullets have in some instances blown big leads.

The team was not exactly setting the league on fire. Before the skid started, they were just under .500, but they now own a 7 – 14 record and face the prospect of a game against Melbourne United. United has compiled a 13 – 6 record and they have two games in hand as the squads prepare to meet Saturday coming. At least the Bullets will have home court advantage.

If recent history is any guide, the Bullets did come close to getting the better of United in a Boxing Day meeting. They lost by one point, 69 – 68 after going cold and scoring only 12 points in the third quarter and 14 in the fourth, so despite the close outcome, it now shows up on the fixture as an L.

Lemanis needs to conjure some of the mojo that saw him heading the New Zealand Breakers to three NBL titles. He also nearly nudged the Boomers to a medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics, so his coaching credentials are hard to question.

Lemanis told The Courier-Mail, “Everybody is frustrated that we are losing but it’s one of those things, what are we going to do? Try harder? Every game gets my full application and effort to prepare,’’ he said.

To his credit, Lemanis is not ducking the members, holding a regularly scheduled members’ forum where the faithful have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

“Members are the backbone of any club and we saw that they are frustrated but we are frustrated too and we aren’t hiding behind anything,” Lemanis said.

So long as the Bullets do not morph into the Lions, Lemanis may get the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments, but as he admitted, “Someone else is making those decisions (about his tenure). I’m not going to make those decisions about whether I get fired or not.”