California Here We Don’t Come for NFL’s Raiders and Chargers

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It seems as though the Oakland Raiders are not the only NFL franchise that seems determined to leave California, as the San Diego Chargers are also mulling plans to pull up stakes and leave the land of the Golden Sun.

Oakland seems destined for Las Vegas, one state east, and one of the more powerful, rich and influential men in the Las Vegas, with a fortune derived from his casino interests, is backing the move. He has the state government on his side, too, with a $750 million taxpayer fund commitment for the construction of a proper NFL venue.

Further south of Oakland, in one of the most sublime climates of any coastal city in the U.S., the taxpayers are not so willing to fund billionaire playpens and have voted down a measure to fund a new stadium for the Chargers.

One scheme for a Chargers relocation has the team moving to Los Angeles and sharing the new stadium under construction for the recently relocated Rams, who abandoned St. Louis, Missouri to start the season in L.A.

It would be an unprecedented move for two NFL teams to share one stadium, but since each team only has eight home games per season, not counting potential playoff appearances; it would be easily doable, just as the Melbourne Cricket Ground serves multiple teams.