Call it Silver Call in Grey Blues Guernseys Arouse Vehement Reactions

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As if the record produced on the field were not sufficiently embarrassing, the Carlton Blues have to bear the distinction of wearing costumes for away games that look for all the world like poorly laundered undergarments.

Former Carlton great Robert Walls says much the same, only with much less complimentary adjectives, using “disgraceful” and “insipid” to describe the guernseys the Blues wear for road games.

He is not the first to say so and we have to go on record as claiming that we made the same observation in the past, but we are not Roberts Walls. No one listens to us. People listen to Walls.

If the colour choice leaves something to be desired, the logo on the front of the guernseys, which we presume is supposed to use initials to indicate Carlton Football Club, looks like something you would expect to see on one of those Asian restaurant menus that shows the traditional language characters alongside the English translations.

Asked to comment on the guernseys Carlton sported in a Sunday loss to the Fremantle Dockers in five words, Walls simply said, “Disgraceful.”

Appearing on Fox Sports News’ AFL Tonight, Walls said, “I only need one word — it’s disgraceful. “And I mean that. Carlton supporters are embarrassed looking at the navy blue being sent out in that insipid silver strip.

Hold on there Bobby, you still owe us, or you are owed, four words.

“Insipid” was a good one though. We will give you credit for two for that one.

It is doubtful that a more fashionable shirt colour, mystic mist navy, for example, could help the fortunes of Carlton, but it would certainly help with sales of Blues’ regalia, which is a valuable source of revenue for AFL clubs.

Then again, win a premiership or two wearing a pillowcase on your head and supporters will be lining up to buy the official version for top dollar.