Carlton Blues 2017 AFL Aspirations Suffer Setback in JLT Series

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The Carlton Blues might have a case of the blues after announcing that their top pick from the national draft, Sam Petrevski-Seton sustained a quadriceps injury that will keep him out of the pre-season JLT Community Series.

The Blues had expected the number 6 overall pick to prove himself worthy of a spot on the seniors’ list, and it would seem as though there was no serious damage, nothing more than a minor muscle strain to his left leg, but serious enough to cause the Blues to take the cautious route.

The Blues’ pre-season kicks off in about a fortnight when they face the Dees at Casey Fields on February 25 and will make their home-and-away debut against the Richmond Tigers on March 23.

It was a case of unfortunate timing for Petrevski-Seton, but no so unfortunate as to cause him to miss official games, or worse yet, an appearance in the finals, although Carlton has some heavy climbing ahead of them if they are to move up the necessary six spots to finish better than the 14th they produced last season.

The Blues last finished in the top eight in 2010, where the Sydney Swans dismissed them in a thrilling elimination final.