Carolina Panther Cam Newton Getting Kicked Around

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It seems as though the whole world is having its turn kicking Carolina Panther Cam Newton around, except this time, it is day after day, after day, rather than for the 60 minutes the Denver Broncos subjected him to in Super Bowl 50.

News Flash: You are supposed to be mad after you lose the Super Bowl. Expecting a 25-year-old to act gracious in the moments after the long-imagined biggest moment of his life turns out exactly opposite of how it was imagined is a ridiculous expectation.

The following day, although it is not certain if he realised he was doing it, Newton channeled the immortal Vince Lombardi by saying, “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.”

If Thomas Edison had said, “Oh well, the light bulb was never meant to be invented,” after his 500th attempt failed, we would all be relying on tallow and whale oil for illumination.

Interestingly, there was absolutely no criticism directed at Bronco’s cornerback Chris Harris, who at the same time Newton was being interviewed, was on the opposite of a curtain 15 feet from Newton, talking trash about the Panthers. This is also an example of poor sportsmanship, but apparently there is a different standard for winners.