Catalans Steals March on Super League League Response not so Super

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Rugby without controversy?

Controversy is one of the primary attractions; at least, it is from judging how frequently it arises.

Super League, apparently caught asleep at the switch when Catalans Dragons signed Mr. Controversy himself, Israel Folau, is taking measures to insulate the league from disputes, at least from the perspective of player signings.

The league would like the power to “intervene” in controversial signings, which many people would take to mean, “prevent.”

Folau is persona no grata in the NRL, even though he has a rare level of talent and the groups he took to task are quite common.

The Catalans Coup, as we are calling it, along with the claim of being the namer of the French Club’s maneuver, was cause for a meeting of the Super Rugby League board, where it was announced, “With the season under way, we now feel it is important for Super League to separate what is an off-field matter from what is happening on the field.”

The RFL allowed Folau’s signing to take place.

Good luck with that separation of on-field and off-field matters.

They might also want to see a ruling limiting crying over spilt milk, but we say that only to point out that there at times seem to be more governing bodies than necessary.

Further, the Super Rugby League board said, “The Super League Board accepts the legalities around the RFL’s decision to register Israel Folau, and the Board has voted unanimously to put in place measures that ensure the Super League has greater authority to stop controversial signings such as this in the future.”

Will some future player be prevented on the basis of a social media post indicating a dislike for math or history?

The SRL board capped off its magnificent display of rhetoric with, “As a sport we have an impressive and enviable track record when it comes to equality, diversity and inclusion and we will continue our great work in those areas.”

Were we social media sorts, we would reply with a hearty LOL.