Chappell Suggests Banning Gayle

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The level of outrage over Chris Gayle’s mid-match comments to Mel McLaughlin during a sideline video interview has ascended to monumental heights.

Former Australian cricketer Ian Chappell feels that the apology and the $10,000 fine should be supplemented with a life-time ban to be imposed on a world-wide basis.

Chappell was adamant in saying that Gayle has forever damaged any chances of cricket becoming popular with women, or words to that effect. Channel 10 spokespersons also feel that Gayle’s comments were beyond the pale. If asked, they would doubtlessly respond in a profoundly apoplectic fashion to suggestions that their use of McLaughlin as a commentator is based solely on her vast and impeccable journalistic credentials.

The double standard that has led to political and gender correctness run amok in every sport at every level is the exact thing that is gaining traction, not just with women, but with all fans.

Cricket could certainly stand a little controversy, given that until just recently, the biggest dust-up involved pace bowlers not wanting to hurl against the wind.

Rest assured that media executives are exchanging many congratulatory back-slaps over the ratings bonanza that Gayle’s mildly flirtatious remarks have dropped in their laps.