Clarko’s Results in 2017 Put Huge Target on His Back

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Everyone knows that is bad form to compare anyone not to one’s liking to a certain German political leader from the mid-twentieth century, but former St. Kilda Saint rover and legend Nathan Burke may have achieved the rough 21st century equivalent by comparing Alistair Clarkson the “Donald Trump of AFL football.”

In certain parts, them thar is fightin’ words, as the Trumpster’s baggage could easily fill the MCG and overflow to Flemington.

Burke took keen exception to Clarkson’s response to comments made by Wayne Carey concerning the appearance that Cyril Rioli wanted to quit the AFL and go home to the Tiwi Islands.

One might think that with four AFL Premierships to his credit, Clarko might be more secure in his identity, but with the Hawks thus far grounded in the 2017 Toyota AFL Premiership competition, he is being assailed from far and wide over his players’ inability to produce on-ground results.

It has taken Hawthorn’s finest side five attempt to secure their first win of the 2017 season and for a team accustomed to the view from the loft aerie of the top rungs, panic mode seems the order of the day.

Still, it seems hard to lump Clarkson in the same class as the 45th President of the U.S., at least Clarko is not spewing fake news all over the planet, along with surplus missiles and bombs.