Clem Smith Altercation On 21-12-16

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The off-season for the AFL does not mean any news whatsoever. It simply means that off-field incidents take the place of scores, injuries, etc. The Carlton Blues Clem Smith is the most recent footballer to attract unwanted attention.

Smith was involved in some sort of incident where excess consumption of adult beverages led to a fight in the Chapel Street area. Smith is only 19, so the comforting thought he can take away from the stuff up is that he will have many years of potential redemption ahead of him.

A contrite Smith apologied to his teammates, and according to defender Dennis Armfield, a veteran presence for the Blues, the team has expressed support for Smith.

Smith got on the ground for seven matches this season and will have to re-dedicate himself in order to get back into the good graces of the club. Smith’s story is not a rare one by any means and the notoriety of jumping from the WAFL to the AFL often challenges young players unaccustomed to being under the news media microscope that must feel to them at times like some sort of omnipresent Big Brother.

Fortunately, for all involved, no serious injuries of any kind resulted from the dust-up.